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Semel At Home

Studio Erez Hyatt – private home in Beit Zayit – Oak wood and stone model

The kitchen is designed in a modern style, characterized by clean lines and minimalist design, while meeting the functional needs of the tenants. The chosen color scale for the kitchen ranges from black-gray-white (mono-chromatic) to the rich color of the natural oak veneer, creating a warm, cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. In addition, the materials were chosen not only for texture and color, but also for high strength and durability. The result is harmonious perfection of color and material, with clean minimalist lines.

Photographer: Elad Gonen

הילית קרש - בית פרטי בחוף הכרמל

GS – home of architect Naomi Yehezkel – Design finishing model

A white kitchen featuring a large central island integrated with a cooking unit. The kitchen uses GS, a high quality material that is especially durable, maintaining its color and shine for a long period of time.

Photographer: Amit Geron

מטבח לבן בגימור GS

Home of architect Zvi Gersh – Wood model with custom paintwork

Sleek wood handleless kitchen painted white using a custom painting technique.

Photographer: Amit Geron

Home of architect Zvi Gersh – Wood model with custom paintwork

Home of architect Guy Peled – Integrated stone model

The house consists of three separate buildings resembling large barns connected by a central courtyard. The courtyard is actually a large patio area used as an outdoor living and entertaining space, especially delightful thanks to the weather we enjoy in this country. This is why the kitchen is close to the outdoor courtyard area and not adjacent to the home’s entrance as is common in most homes, as the kitchen today is an integral part of the hosting or entertaining space, and one of the most fun areas to spend time in. The kitchen is designed with stone, with a large center island. This model combines three different types of raw materials: Statuario marble, stainless steel, and triple-layered timber which has undergone a centuries long weathering process of fuming, cleaning and brushing.

Photographer: Amit Geron

Home of architect Guy Peled – Integrated stone model

Shlomit Zaldman- Ra’anana private home

The pictured kitchen shows modern clean lines that match the rest of the home and continues the same blend of materials and colors – the pantry wall is lacquered in a painting method unique to Semel, and the island of oak is integrated with shades of black that break up the natural golden tones of the wood. The combination of the island and the rural sloping ceiling in the living room creates a contrast and a unique look that complements each.

Photography: Amit Gosher

הילית קרש - בית פרטי בחוף הכרמל

Oshir Asben – Ramat Gan Loft

In this urban loft surrounded by greenery, located in a quiet area of Ramat Gan, a 1950’s-inspired home was designed. The interior boasts monochromatic tones with touches of color, from natural materials – brass, iron and wood. The kitchen was designed to be clean and functional, with a long, high wall where the refrigerator doors are concealed and where there is a hidden entrance to the service room. The kitchen uses tones of black and white, with cabinets made of blackened wood and matching handles.

Photography:  Gideon Levin,  Staging: Eti Buskila

Oshir Asben – Ramat Gan Loft

Samet Architects – Walnut & Stainless Steel Model

The pictured kitchen belongs to a warm family that loves to gather together in the kitchen, therefore a large table dominates the center of the room, where, in addition to being the home’s dining room, also serves as the hub of family life, and offers informal and welcoming hospitality.

The kitchen surfaces and lower cabinets are made of stainless steel and the upper cabinets are made of American walnut as a contrast to the industrial look. The contradiction between the two contributes to creating a warm family kitchen.

Photography:  Oded Smadar

Samet Architects – Walnut & Stainless Steel Model

Dana Kushmirski and Oshri Aviram – Metallic Model

The kitchen has a metallic style that integrates the central element of the space – the library – and extends into the kitchen area. The open shelves, where appliances are openly stored and accessible, and the cabinets beneath the worktop and kitchen island, conform to the metallic appearance.

Photography:  Oded Smadar

Dana Kushmirski and Oshri Aviram – Metallic Model

Noga Faust- Neve Tzedek villa

A modern kitchen, wood painted in snowy white, tall cabinet doors covered with porcelain tiles that resemble black slate.
The tall cabinet interiors are covered with a dark wood veneer and the white cabinet interiors are drawers of gray Formica.

Photography: Adi Gilad

הילית קרש - בית פרטי בחוף הכרמל

Hilit Keresh – Hof Hacarmel private home

A modern minimalist design kitchen in white with glowstone finish built in two strips; a strip of high cabinets and a strip of an island that is used both as a work surface and a sitting area. A smoky mirror is installed on the wall, creating the impression of a kitchen that is infinite. The sea is also reflected in the mirror on the other side of the kitchen, and the main area enjoys a three-way sea view.

Photography: Amit Giron

הילית קרש - בית פרטי בחוף הכרמל

Tzvia Kazayoff – Tel Aviv apartment

The house is inspired by New York lofts combined with a warm atmosphere and industrial nuances. The kitchen stove is white and the top surface of the island is made of stainless steel. The use of cold materials provides a good balance for each area of the kitchen due to the very warm hue of the parquet floor.

Photography: Oded Smadar

מטבח בעיצוב צביה קזאיוף – דירה בתל אביב

Daniel Hasson – Ramat Aviv

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A long island was positioned in the kitchen, providing a seating solution for the whole family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The island connects with large sliding cabinets. In addition, I created an area of cabinets with prominent appliances.

Photography: Uri Ackerman

מטבח מודרני

Helen Busani-Anter

The kitchen is decorated in white to give a sense of size. This is reflected in the large work surface and also by the chairs.

Photography: Uzi Porat

אי גבוה בשילוב אזור אכילה

Maya Ha’ezrachi

The kitchen was designed in urban style, modern and contemporary lines, the main consideration in choosing the design was the desire to combine the kitchen harmoniously with the rest of the apartment. The colors were selected to match the color spectrum of the apartment, focusing on shades of gray-green, with touches of black, and with splashes of color using objects and smaller items. The open kitchen is actually an integral part of the public area of the apartment and located in one continuous space with the living room, speaking to the belief that the kitchen is the new living room.

Photography: Asaf Ponchik

מטבח אפור מודרני

Anat Curtis

The kitchen was designed as a chef kitchen and there is duplication of functions of the sink and stove which are located both in the main work surface and on the island. It is designed with white facades  with oven painted finishes, and includes a very tall unit of cabinets that assimilates the space and provides plenty of storage. The avenue of the kitchen exits to the outdoors through the framing of a lemon tree.

Photography: Oded Smadar

מטבח לבן מודרני

Shlomit  Zeldman

The home owners have very rich and eclectic taste, they are people who enjoy life and diversity, people for whom a monotonous, uniform apartment would clearly not be suitable. Therefore they received a mocha and gray kitchen design with very clean lines combined with a black pantry wall in a rustic style.

Photography: Peleg Alkalay

מטבח לבן שחור

Angela Lanciano

Tel Aviv House

Photography: Amit Giron

אי למטבח ביתי

Yuli Wolman

Yehud House

Photography: Amit Giron

דגם לואי ויטון מעץ ונירוסטה

Dorit Vinbern

Ramat Hen House

Photography: Elad Gonen

מטבח לבן