As part of our vision, we are constantly searching for unique and unusual materials for our models, our company has a wide range of materials that confer a distinctive look and functionality.


Triple-layer wood – – a variety of types of wood textures and different colors can be layered with oak wood, triple-layered antique combe wood, triple-layered  walnut, , triple-layered maple and triple-layered bamboo.

Stained aluminum – made of MDF coated with gray aluminum which has undergone a process of coloring at high temperatures to become gray.

Bronzetto – made of MDF coated with a bronze-colored aluminum which has undergone a process of coloring at high temperatures.

Gray Anti-Sun – Doors with bronze aluminum  frames and tinted gray glass.

Platin – an alloy similar to Formica but with a very high level of durability, scratch-resistant material and heat-resistant material that results from laser adhesive molding, with a matte finish.

Formica – Formica kitchens have formica covering both sides of all doors in the same shade, and with laser adhesive molding, giving a uniform, clean look as in painted kitchens.

Metallock material composed of three layers of   oak  with two layers of aluminum sandwiched between them. The material is very strong with a refined look, and has a thickness of 12 mm.

Semel Painting System – a unique method performed at an advanced technological level which gives the effect of natural wood, durability, and maintaining long-term color.

Lacquer – a substance unique to Semel that gives the appearance of paints with different textures in matte, shiny and metallic finishes, and has a very high resistance.

Gray Steel – a substance made from a mixture of paints  with metal   that undergoes a manual process and gives the appearance end of an iron door.