The department of professional appliances and products was established as a service for those who purchase kitchens, enabling them to also purchase electrical appliances, work surfaces, sinks, and faucets to be installed in their kitchens – in order to facilitate the selection of the best, highest quality, and most suitable products. The term “Value for Money” – value in terms of quality, has governed us in establishing the department and creating a catalog that will be used a guide on the subject of products for the kitchen, which is today the heart of the home. Professional design consultation: As we approach the determination of a line of products that are necessary in a kitchen according to the dream and usage for each client, we consider all of the family’s needs according to size, the optimal utilization of space, and of course the design of the kitchen – with the client’s budget as a guideline. Coordination: The kitchen – the space in the home demanding the most investment and the most complicated and precise adjustments required due to all the parts and components – requires coordination as thorough as possible between suppliers and products. A kitchen that is designed and assembled correctly reflects the whole house in terms of design, and significantly affects the quality of life in the home. “Semel” takes care of all coordination between suppliers in matters of supply, installation, and instruction, while striving for perfection. Price: “Semel” considers the price of components to be very important and an integral part of the service provided to its loyal customers. “Semel” is committed to making every effort to submit the best prices in the market, and to compete with any reasonable quotes on the market, as a service to its customers, many of whom have been loyal for more than 30 years. Warranty: After installation, “Semel” is committed to providing the best products within the budget set by the customer. Experience accumulated over the years enables “Semel” to offer and recommend the best products, and in this matter will also back up the customers’ warranty from the suppliers.


Kupper is a professional company that specializes in kitchen appliances, the importer since 1986 of companies from Europe and the USA, a leader in the field, which is certified by the quality of their products, compliant with the most stringent international standards. The Küppersbusch concern in Germany was founded in 1875 and has been in business for more than 138 years, exporting its products worldwide, and is considered in Germany itself to be the company that sets the tone for its integrated kitchen products: built in ovens, built in ranges, range hoods, split hoods (silent), built in microwaves, built in dishwashers, built in washing machines, ordinary and integrated refrigerators, ordinary and integrated freezers, etc. It is the largest manufacturer in Germany in the field of professional kitchens for hotels, catering, restaurants, etc. The products are designed to handle heavy, intensive, and long-term loads. The Küppersbusch concern annually invests millions of euros for research and development of new products. This investment is reflected in the application of innovative technologies, top standards and uncompromising quality for a wide range of products. These innovations are protected by patent registration throughout the world. KUPPER at Semel kitchens is a perfect fit, and at excellent prices, Semel recommends customers purchase KUPPER products.

Sincerely, Tzvika Dekel, CEO, KUPPER.

The TEKA Company was founded in Germany in 1928 and is considered one of the largest manufacturers of electrical products worldwide. The company specializes in manufacturing built in kitchen appliances. The company’s product line includes: Stoves, microwaves, range hoods, coffee machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and more. Design innovation and a commitment to the highest quality standards are both ideals that make TEKA the first choice in more and more homes around the world who entrust their kitchen to the experience and professionalism that characterize TEKA. The company employs more than 6,200 workers in 17 factories, and its products are marketed in more than 125 countries. Every year the company launches around 90 new models. Its products are made from 100% recycled steel and they hold a unique patent that prevents fingerprints. The company produces original designs ranges in a half-moon or ellipse shape. TEKA collaborates with international designers and architects such as Alfonso Martinez, Ida Foster, Oliver Tucson and Sara de la Mata Medrano. TEKA customers for Semel kitchens enjoy special rates especially for selected models.

Sincerely, Asi Arbiv, owner of “Clinton Trade”, exclusive importer of TEKA products.

The FISHER & PAYKELcompany was founded in 1934 in New Zealand, by a pair of inventors Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher. Since its inception the company is synonymous with quality and innovation that accompany their production activities in the field of electronics. Constant investment in advanced technological developments and ensuring optimal ergonomics have created a wide range of electrical products manufactured in New Zealand and Australia and successfully sold in more than 40 countries around the world: Refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, freezers, ovens and stoves. The vision of Fisher and Paykel, the company’s founders, was to improve everyday life through quality products that are convenient for users. This vision stands today as the basis of operations at FISHER & PAYKEL, investing resources in order to give its customers the best in advanced technology, smart ergonomics and state-of-the-art design.

I encourage Semel Kitchen customers to purchase the exclusive models of FISHER & PAYKEL at special prices.

Sincerely, Haim Segev, Sales Director, F&P

The German MIELE company was founded in 1899.  Its founders believed that success is measured only in the long run, and therefore, with absolute confidence in the quality of their products, they chose to manufacture products that will be long-lasting. The company products are clearly characterized by the slogan “Better Forever”, the company philosophy. For years, is has been a prestigious leading brand of products associated with an unparalleled, uncompromising quality worldwide. MIELE annually invests heavily in research and development for the purpose of continuously improving its products, in order to introduce innovation, updated designs and maximum quality. All company products undergo rigorous testing at the most innovative test laboratories to ensure that they stand the test of time and will provide perfect operational quality for a long period. MIELE sells a wide range of innovative products using  technologies exclusive to the company, while the company produces developments that represent the pinnacle of technology and progress in the latest designs trends. MIELE’s premium production lines include baking ovens, integrated micro ovens, steam ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines.

I recommend to Semel customers that they combine their purchases and enjoy the special offers on MIELE products just for them.

Sincerely, David Wolfe, Sales Director, MIELE

Top brand FULGOR MILANO was founded in 1949 in Italy and is sold worldwide. Birman Wood & Hardware Ltd, traded on the TASE, is the exclusive importer of FULGOR MILANO products in Israel. FULGOR MILANO has a wide range of products: Built in gas ranges, induction cooktops in a variety of colors and sizes, built in ovens, coffee makers, integrated refrigerators, built in refrigerators, stainless steel products, unique lift ovens, and more. Customer service is provided by the importer, the Birman Company.

I encourage Semel Kitchen customers to buy the FULGOR products from Birman on excellent preferential terms.
Sincerely, Orly Davidi, Sales Manager at Birman Importers

Range hoods by the Italian firm BEST and imported by Birman go beyond functionality to also symbolize luxury and progress. BEST carries unique ventilation hoods installed as a single unit in the ceiling plaster, and offers a variety of hoods that have won awards at prestigious design exhibitions in Milano, Italy.
I encourage customers to buy the excellent BEST products at preferential terms for their Semel Kitchens.

Sincerely, Orly Davidi, Sales Manager for electrical products at Birman Importers

For over 50 years, the SMEG Company has been producing a wide range of products for the local and international markets. The company’s plants are located in Italy, and manage to perfectly combine style, advanced technology and polished finishing. Since its inception, SMEG has meticulously designed and produced unique and original products, all designed by leading architects and designers, with attention to human engineering wisdom, safety and functionality. SMEG brings a sleek, refined and functional line with the best materials available. The company’s products include: Built in ovens, dishwashers, combination ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, range hoods, sinks and other accessories.

I recommend SMEG products to Semel customers, where they can enjoy special rates.

Sincerely, Gal Stilbiner, SMEG Brand Manager

The SUB-ZERO company is a manufacturer of luxury home refrigerators manufactured in the USA. SUB-ZERO is dedicated to refreshing innovations in the field, while maintaining leading design, aesthetics, technology and quality adapted to the needs of home refrigeration. SUB ZERO offers quality refrigerators with advanced technology combined with an emphasis on refrigerator design suitable for the kitchen space. This they do while manufacturing refrigerators at the same depth as the kitchen cabinets to create a harmonious and unified appearance. In addition, the company offers a line of integrated refrigerators with refrigerator doors identical to the kitchen design, or alternatively, using stainless steel doors.

I encourage Semel Kitchen customers to purchase ZERO – SUB products at Semel at the most attractive prices.

Sincerely, Sharon Magnezi, CEO of Digital Kitchen specializing in importing luxury electrical goods

The V-ZUG company has been in business more than 100 years, and pioneered the development of kitchen products that combine steam. The owner of a patent registration for the world’s first steaming oven brings the benefits of steamed food to the modern era, in a series of STEAM COMBI ovens, in which steam cooks quality food that retains its nutritional value. In recent years, the kitchen has become a focal point in the home, influenced by professional cuisine preparation in leading restaurants. Many chefs around the world have already adopted the steam ovens of V-ZUG in their kitchens. Healthy steam cooking exists in ancient traditions of Asian and Scandinavian cuisine.
The V-ZUG product line includes ovens, micro integrated ovens, steam ovens, dishwashers, etc.

I encourage Semel kitchen customers to purchase V- ZUG products at Semel at special attractive rates.

Sincerely, Sharon Magnezi, CEO of Digital Kitchen specializing in importing luxury electrical goods

For over 70 years, WOLF USA has manufactured industrial ovens for commercial kitchens and homes, giving them the experience to become more efficient and improve their level of reliability, and bring it to your home. The excellent quality and design of the WOLF stainless steel products meet the highest standards, hand-built from quality material using leading technology.
WOLF products need only one word to describe them – perfection.
WOLF specializes in cooking equipment and brings to the field of kitchen products unprecedented operations and technology.
WOLF’s advanced technology makes preparing meals easier and more enjoyable. In addition to the sophisticated exterior styling and impressive interior design, you will find settings, precise temperature control, and other features designed to bring you the desired result. WOLF’s engineers did not want to leave the job to only one ventilation fan. Therefore WOLF ovens have two fans, each with a special heating element. Air from the fan is first heated to the desired temperature.

I encourage Semel kitchen customers to purchase WOLF products only at Semel at special attractive rates.

Sincerely, Sharon Magnezi, CEO of Digital Kitchen specializing in importing luxury electrical goods

BARAZZA is a well-known Italian company specializing in manufacturing stoves, sinks, stoves, stainless steel countertops and other accessories. There are several underlying success factors: The choice of stainless steel, which is an exceptional material for the kitchen from the standpoint of strength and hygiene, for installing modern systems and equipment, enables the company to meet any type of manufacturing demand, quality control, precision, design, finding solutions, and providing excellent equipment. The company is currently located in 30 countries and its products can be found in the most modern homes worldwide.

At Semel Kitchens you enjoy special rates. I recommend BARAZZA products to Semel kitchen customers

Sincerely, Yair Tothani, CEO, Tothani Investments Ltd.

Stainless steel faucets manufactured by MGS are acombination of Italian luxury and style, with innovative Swiss engineering precision, representing the perfect harmony of aesthetics and technology. Swiss machinery and modern Italian design. Attention is paid to strict quality control and manual polishing of each product. MILANO MGS faucets are highly resistant, with a polished and refined finish with stainless steel AISI 316, both interior and exterior, which prevents corrosion and accumulation of toxins, while Swiss engineering principles provide quality faucets at the highest and unmatched level of reliability, combined with Italian flair for the win. Kitchen faucets come in a variety of flawless styles, innovative design for the world’s most prestigious homes. MGS faucets comply with American Water Organization Standards, protect the environment and are classed as “green”, unlike nickel faucets (combined with brass), you can drink directly from the tap without having to filter the water.

I encourage Semel Kitchen customers to purchase MGS for their kitchens at Semel at special prices.

Sincerely, Yair Tothani, CEO, Tothani Investments Ltd.

This well-known Italian company is located in northeastern Italy, and specializes in manufacturing range ventilation hoods. The company specializes in creating innovative products and technological content design that combines with a refined style.
FALMEC produces more than 130,000 hoods per year and over 100 models in different variations. The value of range hoods derives from designated needs of specialization, since the establishment of the company, this has been evident in the choice of this type of production in order to focus on one area of expertise and thus achieve excellent results.
Many projects have been developed by FALMEC in collaboration with laboratories that specialize in the study of dynamics and airflow. This collaboration led the company to develop new hoods for air flow in the kitchen, eliminating the resistance which causes noise and output reduction due to pumping. As a result, FALMEC invested in developing new materials that reduce the noise generated by the airflow.
FALMEC range hoods are the world’s quietest, and thus improve the quality of life at home. This is the reason their hoods are functional and always ensure an environment of clean air, purify and completely eliminate odors and steam, with exquisite design that adorns the kitchen space in harmony with an elegant, contemporary style.
I encourage Semel kitchen customers to purchase FALMEC products at Semal at special attractive rates. Sincerely, Yair Tothani, CEO, Tothani Investments Ltd.

Blanco sinks, made in Germany, are renowned in the global market of kitchen sinks. Blanco sinks are made of an advanced material, PuraDur, that is resistant to scratches and chemicals. We invite you to choose the appropriate Blanco sink for you from all the available models. Blanco sinks offer you not only design and beauty, but also peace of
mind in the kitchen.

I recommend Blanco sinks to all Semel Kitchen customers, at Semel at the most attractive rates.

Sincerely, Mati Cohen, Sales Director, Blanco

Stainless steel surfaces made according to customer needs, customized for size and personal taste. Surfaces can combine gas and electric ranges with a rich variety of Foster sinks. The weld between the products and the surface is done at the factory in Italy using the most advanced technological methods. After the final polishing, a stunningly beautiful, integral work surface is obtained, seamless with no visible joins.

I encourage Semel kitchen customers to purchase FOSTER products for their kitchens at Semel at excellent prices.
Sincerely, Elad Aviv, Marketing Director at Gome Ltd, importers of FOSTER

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