The kitchen comes first – Semel First

A carefully designed and well-crafted kitchen combined with high technology can easily be the center of the home.  Based on this understanding, we create beautiful kitchens with great attention invested in design and technology.

We invite you to enjoy our 35 years of experience and artistry in kitchen production, with our unique approach based on the collaboration of skilled, professional human resources and the most advanced technology as the raw materials for uncompromising excellence and professionalism.

These are what lead us each time to our goal – a functional kitchen with inspirational design and groundbreaking technology, wrapped in uncompromising professionalism.

The Semel Company invests heavily in the world’s most advanced mechanization, frequently updated, to bring its customers a finished product of the highest level, on a par with the world’s most prestigious companies.


Our Method

Dual accommodation – First and foremost, meeting the customer’s needs, but also meeting the requirements of material and structure.

Materials and finishing – Using   the finest raw materials and high-quality hardware for designed finishing.

Expert installation – Demanding quality work, precise assembly, and finishing at the highest level.

Technology – Constantly updating the latest technological innovations and bringing them to fruition in your new kitchen.

Display – Our showrooms are fantasies for you, our client, and for all architects, designers and design lovers.

What is important to ask and know

Before you acquire a new kitchen, there are points you must not compromise on:

  • Molding is attached with laser adhesive, not regular glue
  • Cupboards are joined without nails or pins
  • Make sure that the upper cabinet depth is at least 37 cm
  • Make sure that European plywood is used, not Chinese
  • Make sure kitchen drawers are lined with high-quality glass, not metal
  • The Formica coating of all cabinet surfaces is 1 mm thick, with no white backing
  • Make sure that each unit is packed separately in a cardboard carton.
  • Kitchen paint should be paint also used in the automotive industry
  • Make sure there is at least 8 years warranty

Work should be carried out according to custom order

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