Dear customers, Logo Kitchens continue to serve you with love and loyalty. The exhibition halls will be open as usual in accordance with the Health Ministry’s guidelines on separate spaces and strict hygiene rules. In addition, service and the kitchens will be made without rejection and as stipulated in accordance with the instructions. We will be happy to stand at your disposal and together we will follow this period.

Over the years, the kitchen company is a leading symbol in its field and creates Fondle kitchens at the highest standard.

They say the sky is the limit, it’s true, but we’re looking farther. Imagination, flight, love, brings us to strive to fulfill every fantasy. Today, the new technology we have brought to our production lines, the special and exclusive materials and the innovative design allow us to produce kitchens that are a work of art – at surprising and accessible prices.

We, in the symbol kitchens, chose to raise the level of kitchen production level one up. By using advanced technology, which comes from world production, we have made a unique color factory of its kind in the world. The factory is based on a robotic coloring process, which includes precise, faster and sharper painting from any person.

The cornerstones of the logo kitchens include vision, art and technology. The combination of high quality, spectacular design and exceptional production techniques are those that make the kitchens more prominent in the design of the kitchens.

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Black and Burmese cuisine

The S-Series

Our modern series of clean lines, excellent raw materials, uncompromising design and maintaining functionality

Wooden Kitchen

Our Wooden Kitchen series is a strong statement. Like a melody that is carved in the tree, a warrior to form and strives for the perfect beauty of nature and materialism.
Classic Mocha Model

Classic cuisine

The Classic Kitchen series represents carefully designed kitchens, while inspired by Victorian and handmade artists.
White cashmere model

White kitchen

The White Kitchen series is invincible. The white color induces a tranquil atmosphere and a feeling of purity and sanctity.